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To My Dear Ambassadors and Three Great Supervisors,

I am so grateful to have met you all. Even though I am leaving or gone by now just know that I already miss you all. Its weird how we all got so close this past couple of months I feel like I know each one of you so personally. We are like a family we have the crazy one you know who you are the mom the funny one the shy one and so on and that’s what makes us so fun and unique.

More than anything we are all young mothers and we understand each other’s struggles and achievements we pick each other up when we fall . We laugh and cry together. I just want to let you all know that I’m so proud of all of you and I hope I will make you proud if me. You are all wonderful moms and great friends. I will be thinking of you guys when I’m scared or when I feel like given up because you all strengthen me. I love you all and God bless you and your families.


Wonder Woman

I Joined the Military


women-in-the-military_editThis past summer I made a big decision that would impact my son’s life and my life. It was very important to me and it was also tough. I decided to join the military with the support of my sons father.

This decision was hard because it meant that I would be apart from my son a little while. At the same time being a young mother didn’t mean my life stopped it just meant that I had one more person to live for. I am very proud to be part of something so much bigger than me. I pray and hope that in time my son will be proud of me.

I am nervous about leaving in January but I feel ready. My point with this is to let every young mom like me know that everything you want is still possible. Remember that you are still someone you’re not just a mom a wife a worker or a student you are you, and you need goals and dreams like anyone else. I feel like as long as you are there for your child love your baby care for him/her and make sure to make decisions according to what’s best for the both of you that you’ll be happy and at peace with your decisions.

First of all, plan ahead and think about what you want and take it one step at a time don’t rush or make decisions without considering your child. Make a reachable goal and follow through before you know it you’ll be we’re you dream of being. One thing that i learned is that when you have a child your dreams and aspirations change. Don’t get stuck to one dream explore your options and just be happy where you are for the moment.



There are many things in my life I feel I can’t control, one being depression. I remember it started when I was 13 years old. About once or twice a year I would get really sad for a few weeks. I wouldn’t get hungry I wouldn’t want to get out of bed I just wanted to be alone. I hated feeling that way because I couldn’t find a reason for me to be depressed.

I remember when I was 14, I missed school for a week. I was so far behind in school and my teachers didn’t know what was going on. They only gave me the work and told me to get it done if not I would have stayed back. This was very frustrating and made things worse for me.

My family doesn’t believe in psychology or therapy for depression. They believe that is an excuse to act up or to make people feel bad for you. It was hard because I had no one to talk to about it and that was hard.

When I was depressed I had to fake my happiness and since I didn’t live with my parents they didn’t notice when I missed school. They didn’t notice when I was depressed or in need of their help. Even though I went through all those things.

Dealing with it on my own did make me grow stronger and more independent. But I realized that even though I had to control over my depression I wasn’t going to allow it to control the way I lived life. I learned to live with it and for some reason I don’t even notice when it comes back. I feel fine now and now, more than ever, I have a reason to be ok. My little boy keeps me happy alive and helps me remember that I can have some control. I can choose how I live and how I love.

Panera Cares in Boston

This past week I had a good experience so I decided it was worth writing about it. As a young mother and a community member, I love to give back to the community that supports me. I believe it is so important because we have to show our kids that giving back to our own communities really shows how grateful we are for their support on our parenting. I also believe that being a giving person makes a difference in this tough social environment, and I want my child to learn that.

A few days ago, I went to Panera Cares, not just any Panera, this is a community-based Panera. They had great healthy choices for my child and my budget wasn’t an issue because they gave a “suggested price.” How this place works is you put the money in a box in front of you and they don’t ask how much you put in or even look at you. For people with no money at all, they allow them to work one hour for a free meal, which is awesome.


So if you like to give back to your community, there’s many places you can go to, like Panera Cares. And if you’re the one in a time of need, there are places that will help.

The Panera Cares is located in Government Center, Boston at 3 Center Plaza, right across the street from City Hall.

Getting Your Body Back

Having a baby is tough. There’s no time for anything, going to the gym can be pricey, looking for a babysitter is the worst so I came up with a few ideas to getting your body back. I think the first thing we have to do is admit that we are beautiful – embracing our motherhood is key. There and three things that we can do to get our body back.

Number 1: Eating healthy making it a lifestyle, not a diet. Use your phone, laptop, whatever you may have look on Google. There are many healthy recipes choices. Remember to buy more fresh foods and less packaged. Shop more in the fruits and veggies aisle, rather than the snacks, walk around the supermarket and try to stay away from the middle sections. That’s where a lot the oils, sugars, and unhealthy choices are. You can also watch the movies “Fat Sick” and “Nearly Dead” for more exciting ideas on weight loss.

Number 2: Playing and having fun with your child is exercise. Exercising can feel boring, so why not go to the park with your baby and play, even if they are small. Take a family member a friend to help you hold your baby so you can run around. If your child is a toddler, well, you know how much energy they have. Play with them and have fun. You can also get a running stroller!

Number 3: Make time for yourself.  This is very important! If you’re stressed, your body feels it. You may begin to develop acne, lose hair, and even not be able to lose the baby weight – it becomes a vicious cycle. So take a bath, read or do anything you like to do to de-stress for a little while. You can nap with your baby.

Find ways to not spend money or have to look for daycare on your journey to a healthy body. Best thing you can do to de-stress is laugh and make your baby laugh. Laughter and happiness is the best de-stressors!

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I’m Learning Not to Look Back

annyMy name is Anny and I am a mom, a wife, a student, and an employee. I got pregnant at 15 years old and decided to keep my child. Being a young mother has been the hardest job I’ve ever done. I’ve had to learn responsibility, priorities, and hard work. It hasn’t been easy both physically and mentally.

I sometimes find myself wondering the “what if…”, then I remind myself that there’s no turning back and that my child is irreplaceable. In my worst times my child reassured me with a smile a kiss or a mommy lub chu. I love him and everything that may come with him I’m just learning to not look back.