My Natural Hair Journey

I love my natural hair but some days I wanna chop it all off! I always wanted to go natural but would always get a relaxer, I would even brush my relaxed hair to make it look like a fro. The last perm I got was in 2011 right before I found out I was pregnant. I ended up doing a short haircut because my hair was really damaged. I did braids my whole pregnancy and my hair what back to its usual length by the time I had the baby.

Natural hair is hard work especially when you’re a mom. Sometimes after a long day I don’t want to twist my hair before bed. And sometimes I don’t always feel that beautiful with my kinks, but I’m learning my hair and loving it along the way. 🙂

DymonMy daughter has a beautifully textured hair and I can’t wait to help her embrace it as she grows up. I don’t want her to think that long straight hair is going to make her beautiful. I will teach her that the person she is inside will be the person other people see. I love that I went natural and can now set a great example for my little princess to know who she is perfect just the way she was made!

Being a Young Parent

DymonWelcome to my blog! 🙂 While being 21 isn’t hard enough, I’m a full-time wife and mom. I was pregnant at 19. The world of motherhood was something I wasn’t ready for but thanks to a supportive family and a supportive pregnancy group, I have made it this far. I love the performing arts and will soon finish my study of cosmetology and be certified. My blog posts will mostly focus on the struggles and joys of being a young parent. Enjoy 🙂

Dymon is a participant of the Young Parent Ambassador Program at the Center for Community Health and Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.