Jason’s Starting School Soon!

It’s amazing how children grow up so fast. A few days ago I was swaddling my little man and changing diapers; now he’s using the bathroom on his own and spelling his name. January first came and I knew it was time to register my son for K1. The process for selecting schools wasn’t a big ordeal. I just needed to fill an application, hand in utility bills, medical records, a birth certificate and a passport. I gathered all the things I needed and had to set a date to come down into Boston to hand them in.

My only concern about signing Jason up for school was when to come down from Amherst. By the time I came down from school the office would be closed. Finally I was able to register Jason and he ended up on wait for all the schools I choose. Since K1 isn’t mandatory I also decided to look into Head Start.

When I told Jason he shall be starting school soon he was excited and asked me if it was a real school. I had him in day care and he said all they did was sleep. My little man is so eager to learn new things, make friends, play and be happy. Some other concerns about him going to school is I won’t be able to keep an eye on him now, he’s probably going to get sick frequently, would he be fed and are kids going to be nice and playful like he is.

All in all, my little man is growing and I can’t wait for him to start school and come home to tell me about his day. He has his little spider man back back which he’s dying to use and the cutest first day of school out fit. It’s going to be a great school year for him and I can’t wait. I’ll be there ever single step of the way.

My Breastfeeding Experience

When I had my son, I breastfed him for a whole year. I preferred breast feeding over formula because it was more natural and that’s what breast milk was made for in the first place. Some benefits of breastfeeding were it was natural and good for the baby’s immune system since as it contained anti-bodies to help prevent sickness and infections. When I breastfed I also felt more close with my son cause I saw it as a form of bonding in addition to play time, cuddling, bath time and so on. Also it’s a relief for most moms when they breastfed their babies since their breast would be engorged with milk and it was uncomfortable.

I come from a family who support breastfeeding and breastfed their children as well. My friends did not say much, they were only surprised at the changes they saw. When I found out I was pregnant I already knew I would have him naturally and breast feed him as well. My primary care doctor, my nurse midwife and nutritionist all encouraged me to breast feed. They all talked about the benefits the baby would get from getting breastfed and how it also helps with quick development of brain cells. My health care providers’ advice and opinions just clarified everything I read about and knew about breast feeding. They also talked about the idea of sagging breasts and some women not liking it because the suction hurt and made them sore; that didn’t bother me one bit after all what a push up bras for (lol). And as for soreness, I figured the baby wouldn’t be a baby forever.

I purchased a breast pump when I started working and pumped every morning and when I came home so when I’m not home, Jason would still have breast milk and wouldn’t have to use formula. I wasn’t a huge fan of formula since I read it could give babies stomach aches and didn’t seem to have most of the benefits breast milk had. I believe women should be encouraged to breast feed their babies, it’s a beautiful experience and the point of lactating is so your baby can have it and stay healthy. It may be hard for some women but I think once they start their breast would be engorged enough with milk to make things easier. The bond you feel with your baby when breast feeding is also incredible so I definitely support breast feeding.

Being A Young Parent: The Pros and the Cons

In my experience, I have seen many young parents give their children up for adoption because they cannot take care of them. I was curious to know why. I believe babies are best thing that could happen to a person. Then it dawned on me, maybe it’s the lack of support.

Many teens feel like their whole world is about to end when they find out they are pregnant. At times their parents kick them out their house and leave them to fend for themselves. A lot of teens also drop out of school, which is tough because without an education they cannot provide a lot of things for their children.

After I found out I was pregnant, the father bailed out on me but I knew I couldn’t leave my son hanging. I had to do everything in my power to succeed in life so he could live a comfortably. I stayed in school and graduated with Honors. I then worked my way up to a four-year college. I plan to stay here, work hard and be a successful woman.

Maybe some teens do not know about programs they can enroll in like Crittenton’s Womens Union, WIC or other resources that can help them raise their child and give them the support they need. Maybe that’s why they give up. Children are blessings and no matter how hard it is, there is always a way and always someone to help. If you believe in yourself and push youself, young parents can raise their children and watch them succeed in life.