Balancing Life and Parenting

lifeI feel that due to all of the expenses and obligations in daily life a
lot of parents are not able to spend all of the time they would like
with their children. Having a child is a life-changing experience, and
supporting them is too. I have struggled daily with thoughts that I do
not spend enough time with my girls. Many times I feel ashamed of the
little time I spend with my daughters. Juggling work, school,
financial obligations, and just life in general has made it hard for
me to be with them at all times. Sometimes I feel like I am a bad
parent and I get emotional because I feel like I am missing so much
while at work. One of my fears was that they would forget about me, or
get closer to someone else and not want me. The most emotional thing
for me was that I did not get to see Genesis take her first steps when
she began walking. I wanted so bad to be there for that moment but it
wasn’t possible. I was very hard on myself about missing her “firsts”
but from that I have learned to better appreciate the time I can spend
with my girls.
I want Genesis and Samyrah to know that everything I do in my life is
for them and that I really do want to be a great mother to them. After
work I fly home and hug them tight. I miss them every day. I keep
pictures at my desk and it helps miss them a little less on some days.
Thinking negatively about me as a mother was not going to change the
time I spent with them, what I missed, or how they felt about me .I
may not be the perfect mother, but I strive to be the best mother I
can. Working and getting my college education is something I am hoping
they appreciate when they are old enough to understand. It is my way
of building a foundation for our future life.

10 Volunteer Opportunities in #Boston for Young People

Interested in giving back to your community? Volunteering a few hours here and there is an awesome way to help others while you build some awesome experience to add to your resume. Here are some current opportunities in Boston for young people…

  1. Teens in Print: Ever dreamed of seeing your name in print? Join the staff of Boston’s citywide youth newspaper, Teens in Print. This is a volunteer position open to BPS high school students that could lead to a paid position next summer. Meetings are twice a week at The Boston Globe and have FREE food!, 617-541-2651
  2. Project D.E.E.P One-on-One Tutoring Program: Project DEEP is looking for high school tutors to volunteer for their One-on-One Tutoring Program. Volunteer mentors will help Dorchester elementary school students with their homework once a week for 90 minutes after school starting in Nov and ending in Apr. Beth,,
  3. Food Project: On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, youth ages 17+ for individuals and 14+ for groups can volunteer at the West Cottage Street Farm in Dorchester from 9:30am-12:30pm. Must pre-register online:, 617-442-1322
  4. Brigham & Women’s Hospital: BWH volunteers assist staff in many departments throughout the hospital, such as the BWH Gift Shop, Patient & Family Relations, Outpatient Infusion, and Pathology. Must be 16 years of age to become a BWH volunteer. A commitment of at least six months of service is required.
  5. Beth Israel Deaconess Center: The Health Corps Program offers high school students ages 14+ the chance to volunteer in clinical and non-clinical settings during the summer and school year. A minimum of 40 hrs needed. 6-12 month commitment and two recommendation letters are required.
  6. Boston Blooms with Daffodils: Join Mayor Menino as the city plants 40,000 daffodil bulbs along Boston’s sidewalks, traffic medians, and paths. The Parks & Recreation Department is seeking volunteers to assist with planting and suggestions for locations. Plantings will take place on the weekends of Oct 19 & Oct 26. Registration:
  7. theMOVE Farm: theMOVE organizes farm-volunteer workdays for urban groups across Metro Boston. Trips take place thru Oct and head from program sites to farms in Boston or the North or South Shore. 617-922-8428,
  8. Farmers’ Market: Roslindale Village is in need of volunteers at their Saturday farmers’ markets. Volunteers can help with the following tasks: music set-up, setup and management of children’s entertainment area, EBT/SNAP assistants, parking lot monitors/counters, and breakdown. Ben,,
  9. Samariteens: Samariteens is looking for teens ages 15-18 interested in volunteering to listen to other teens on the Helpline. The line is dedicated to the prevention of suicide among teens and providing confidential peer support to teens who are struggling with feelings of depression, loneliness, and stress.
  10. Boston Cares: Make a difference in your community by volunteering! Register with Boston Cares, and you’ll become a part of the many service projects that advocate for community enrichment, health & wellness, homelessness/hunger, environment and more!

And if you need more resources on how to get a job, build a resume, or prepare for your career, check out these resources:

Teen Resume Guide: Create a resume to be able to share with potential job, internship, or volunteer leads. This guide includes a variety of formats samples, tips on how to tell your story, and great action words to describe your work and volunteer experience.

Job Tips for Teens: A job or an internship can provide you with new skills and a chance to investigate careers you may be interested in pursuing. This guide includes advice for young job seekers in Boston and resources to help you in your search.