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Recap: #ProudToParent Twitter Chat

Last night’s twitter chat was amazing! Thank you to all the young parents who joined us and the fabulous organizations who popped in: @LaUReNsSDaD1118 @PEACE_LOVEx3 @RougeLioness @TheYoungMommy @queenteenmama @Taitersz @GloriaMalone @nikagurl5889 @miaaye_ @stevi11 @AriellaFaith @happysuperfoods @forestdaledads @NatashaVianna @LisetteYOrellan @c_pichardo @entee0112.

Our young parent chats are hosted by @ProudToParent on twitter every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM ET and usually ends by 9:00 PM ET. During each chat, young parents (near and far) will have a chance to meet each other, share their stories, and connect virtually. We know young parenthood is an isolating experience so we hope these chats provide young parents with a place to find support and offer others their experience on common issues.

Here are some tweets from last night:

@ProudToParent #ProudToParent is an awesome idea. Next week we’d love to see more young dad’s groups involved!

@ProudToParent Many people think young parents shouldnt have me time. #proudtoparent

@ProudToParent  I don’t have any friends with children except for one but she’s a little older than me. I haven’t found any online either

@ProudToParent I feel like I have people to lean on when I need them! I hope I have tha affect on other parents 2#ProudToParent

@ProudToParent love chatting with other young parents! I live on a block w/ ALL retirees – no young parents! #ProudToParent


We also took a moment to highlight some awesome young dads on twitter:

We’d love to find more young dads! Nominate them on twitter using the #ProudToParent hashtag.

If you missed the chat and would like to read the entire conversation, click here!

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New Year, New Name, New Chats!

New Year, New Chats

Young Parents on Twitter!

Last night, we hosted our weekly twitter chat for young parents. Being a young parent can be a scary and isolating experience. Through our twitter chats, we hope to build virtual communities for young parents… because we know “it takes a village.”



Click here to read the entire chat!

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Recap: Thankfulness and Friendship Chat

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US. As we celebrate with our friends and family, we also have a chance to stop and ask, “What am I thankful for?”

We know the life of a young parent is busy with day-to-day activities. With the additional pressures and stress, it’s easy to lose touch with gratitude. Through our #YPsupport chat, we tried to change that last night. Questions helped prompt thankful thoughts in preparation for the days ahead. Click here to read the entire chat! 

Now come up with your own questions. Brainstorm as many gratitude-prompting questions as you can think of. When you have time, answer them. Ask your child to join along! By the time you finish all the questions, you’ll have a really deep picture of the gratitude in your life. You’ll also have a great resource to go back through on those days when you’re feeling down.

Don’t forget to share photos of you and your family on Thanksgiving! Use the #YPsupport hashtag and we’ll retweet it. Enjoy the holiday!

Join us next Tuesday at 8 PM ET

for another young parent chat on twitter!

Young Parent Twitter Chats

Some may think teen parenthood is only filled with sadness and struggle, but we know happiness exists in young families’ lives!  Join us tonight for a young parent twitter chat! We will talk about thankfulness, gratitude, and friendship.

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Recap: Young Parent Photo Chat

On Tuesday, we hosted a young parent photo chat! Proud young parents shared photos of themselves and their kids. Considering most of us haven’t met each other yet, it was nice to see everyone’s faces and silly moments. Check out the photos below!

Read and view all chat photos here!

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[Recap] Live Twitter Chat with Nicole Lynn Lewis

Nicole Lynn Lewis is a former teen mother. As statistics show, many teen parents will not finish college by the time they reach 30 years old. However, Nicole found a way to push herself through education and help motivate other teen parents to do the same. A few years ago, Nicole founded a nonprofit organization, Support Generation Hope.

Support Generation Hope helps young parents overcome some of their college obstacles. Aside from providing students with scholarships, the organization connects young parents with each other, eliminating isolation and fostering a sense of community. As a young parent, I know these types of programs are much needed. Without having someone to talk to (who understands your lifestyle) and someone to show you the light at the end of the tunnel, life can feel rough.

Last night, STEPS hosted a live twitter chat with Nicole and asked ten phenomenal questions related to teen parenthood and education. If you would like to read the entire discussion, click here!


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Next Week: Chat with Nicole Lynn Lewis

Pregnant and Parenting Students’ Rights Chat Tonight!

Join us for a live twitter chat on pregnant and parenting students’ rights. Connect with young parents and help each other get through educational obstacles.