Young Parent Blogs

Strong Families Blog by young parents through Strong Families 
The Pushback  by young parents through the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy
Alexandra-Elizabeth by Alexandra Elizabeth
Being a Teenage Parent by Becki
Cupcake Mumma
Giggles and Tickles
Mummy to the Max
Not Another Teen Mommy by Christina
Promoting Respect for Young Mothers by Joelle
Same Story Different Face by Adrianne
Simply Hayley by Hayley
Tales of a Young Mummy by Elle Beere
Teen Mom NYC by Gloria Malone
The [Uncut] Diary of a Teenage Mother by Natasha Oliveira
The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No by Tracy Engelbrecht
The Young Mommy Life by Tara Pringle-Jefferson 
Totally Teen Mum by Sorayah
BOOK: Glori: A Different Story by Nicole Lynn Lewis